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Bulthaup goes Solitaire @ Milano 2014

German kitchenmaker Bulthaup may be the innovator for built-in kitchens, having created a look in the 80ies that is now the basis of 80% of all upmarket kitchens. Clean, functional and architectural. But where do you move from this comfortable position?


After last years’s play with heights and usage patterns, Bulthaup took a step away from the boxy built-in look and launched a series of solitary cubes that can serve several tasks in and outside of the kitchen. By citing the classic roots of Otl Aicher’s butcher block and adding a new metal structure based on a cross of alluminium  fixed in the middle with a circular element, the brand moves away from built-in to solitary, recognisable products that can complement any kitchen.



We are not sure if the glass surfaces really work without heavy cleaning lady support, but the concept itself is catchy and not easy to copy by the usual copy cats in this business.


The idea of the crossed structure was also used for a new wall shelving system that leans out of the wall with a 22,5° angle. The sliding doors are available in shiny glass and in many decor colors matching to the cabinets.


A less visible highlight was a new Bulthaup cooking table that slides open to reveal a sleak Bulthaup branded cooking surface with backlit control knobs. Interesting that Bulthaup is slowly moving into appliance territory. As the cooking table is a finshed product that does not need the normal made-to-order process, combining it with a OEM appliance makes a lot of sense.


Bulthaup as a brand is solitary, and with this fair presence they have clearly emphasised their status.








One comment on “Bulthaup goes Solitaire @ Milano 2014

  1. ganeshgraphics

    Three years later – what has become of this design concept? I am unable to find any information about it.

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